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Author: Simge Eva DoganPublished: 14 February 2019

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Ben Stecher

In the fourteenth in our series profiling the bloggers supporting the World Parkinson Congress 2019, we talk to Canadian blogger Benjamin Stecher (pictured on the right). He shares his fascination with the basic science of Parkinson’s, his process for blogging – and what he’s most looking forward to eating at this year’s event

Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m a vagabond just following my curiosities.

Is there an aspect of Parkinson’s that you’re most passionate about?

I’m passionate about the basic science of Parkinson’s and fascinated by all that it reveals, not just regarding the disease, but about life, the things we do, the thoughts we have – and how we got to be where we are today.

What blog post has attracted the most attention?

My blog is pretty widely read, and I haven’t really had any controversial posts. My most popular post is ‘The Future of Parkinson’s Disease Therapies’.

When do you find time to blog and do you face any physical challenges in writing?

I get my best thinking and writing done in the morning so that’s when I make time to blog. I usually have to wait for that sweet levodopa to kick in before my fingers will co-operate and I can write.

What do you hope people will take away from reading your blog?

I hope to give people a more informed view of Parkinson’s or whatever topic I’m writing about.

What did you learn at the last World Parkinson Congress you attended?

I love that we are harnessing new technologies and machine learning techniques to tackle Parkinson’s disease.

What are you looking forward to at WPC2019?

I’m definitely looking forward to the sushi, the talks, discussions and meeting people – but mostly the sushi!

For tips on travelling with Parkinson’s, please visit the EPDA website.

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