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Author: Sophie ParrottPublished: 16 March 2023

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Parkinson’s Europe is inviting you to share your World Parkinson’s Day plans to help raise awareness of the condition and ensure that the annual event gets the attention it deserves

Every year on 11 April, World Parkinson’s Day invites people from around the world to unite in raising awareness of the condition and celebrate the work being done by those in the community.

To mark the important occasion this year, Parkinson’s Europe has created an online World Parkinson’s Day activity map, designed to showcase global events and campaigns that will be running next month. From participating in online conferences, to undertaking athletic challenges, to promoting the condition’s universal logo – there are countless ways to join in.

For those still seeking some inspiration, the umbrella organisation has released a ‘World Parkinson’s Day campaign toolkit’ to support individuals and groups with the ideas and resources needed to plan out their day. Background information is also available for those wishing to learn more about the annual event, which started in 1997.

By highlighting the activities and events taking place, Parkinson’s Europe hopes to promote and support the community, boost awareness of the condition and ensure that Parkinson’s gets the attention it deserves.


Parkinson’s Europe’s call for greater awareness of the condition

In addition to encouraging members of the community to share their plans, Parkinson’s Europe is calling on policymakers and global health leaders to recognise the cultural, social and economic effects of Parkinson’s – the fastest-growing neurological condition in the world.

As part of this goal, the organisation is highlighting the five urgent priority areas identified in its 2022 ‘Parkinson’s Manifesto for Europe’ – a declaration that shone a light on what is important to those in the community.

Increasing awareness and understanding of Parkinson’s, improving quality of life for people in the community and educating healthcare professionals about the condition were among the key priorities outlined in the manifesto.

Parkinson’s Europe hopes that, with enough support for its campaign, World Parkinson’s Day will be officially observed by global leaders.

Get involved

So, how will you help to raise the profile of Parkinson’s this April?

Connect with Parkinson’s Europe to share what you are doing to mark World Parkinson’s Day – individually or with your local group. No event or activity is too small to earn a place on the map.

Visitors to the website will also be invited to tick a box declaring whether they would like World Parkinson’s Day to be observed as a global health day going forward.

By sharing your voice, you can support the organisation in its campaign to raise the status of the annual awareness day and ensure the condition receives the global recognition that it needs.

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