‘I Got You’ – a musical tribute to Parkinson’s disease caregivers

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Author: Sophie ParrottPublished: 30 March 2023

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A guitarist in a field of tulips.

Executive producer Susan Lust and songwriter Arlon Bennett talk about a new original music video produced by the Parkinsons Wellness Project, which seeks to recognise the crucial efforts of care partners in the community

When a person is diagnosed with Parkinson’s, it can impact their relationships with friends and family. Over time, those living with the condition may turn to partners for help in everyday life – while their loved ones might find themselves taking on the role of a caregiver.

To pay tribute to those who have adopted a caring role, Parkinsons Wellness Project produced an original music video based on Arlon Bennett’s song ‘I Got You’.

Led by director Danny Feder and cinematographer Lara Aqel, the three-minute video is set at Clover Stadium in New York, US. It sees Arlon strum on his guitar and sing about the challenges of living with Parkinson’s – as well as the essential part that care partners can play in navigating these difficulties.

Lights, camera, action

Susan Lust, who was an executive producer of the video, says that recognising care partners in the Parkinson’s community is crucial. “We all need companionship and connection,” she explains. “Without care partners, it is a very lonely world.”

This is exactly what this short film aims to shine a light on. But how did this music video come to be? “We asked Arlon to write an original song for our TulipFest Wellness Expo and Concert – and he spent a year working on it,” explains Susan.

“While he comes across as a smooth performer in the video, Arlon faces daily challenges with life’s regular routines. But his philosophy is to keep going – and he does this with the help of those closest to him. Parkinsons Wellness Project wanted to celebrate that spirit in the song and video.”


As the music video progresses, Arlon can be seen standing in the baseball park surrounded by brightly coloured tulips – a flower which is said to be symbolic of the Parkinson’s community. He is later joined by dancers who help to visually bring to life the range of feelings that can be experienced by people with the condition, from isolation to love and hope.

“The group of dancers in the celebratory end shot of the music video is made up of volunteers, dancers, dance teachers and people living well with Parkinson’s – who all gave up their time and support to make this video full of joy,” Susan reflects.

Arlon Bennett in the music video for 'I Got You'.

Singer songwriter Arlon Bennett says he felt care partners “needed to be recognised”.

For songwriter Arlon, raising awareness of care partners’ role in the community is important. “These people are greatly needed, but they are often behind the scenes. We felt they needed to be recognised.”

The motivation also ran deeper: “As an artist battling Parkinson’s myself, the need for inspiration and to inspire is always present. I had to prove that if I could still do what I do, then anybody else can still do what they do.”

The video is set to screen at the upcoming World Parkinson Congress – an international forum for medical professionals and people with the condition – held in Barcelona, Spain, in July 2023.

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