Watch Parkinson’s disease symptoms interpreted as a modern dance

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Author: Aileen ScoularPublished: 26 May 2022

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Screenshot from 'living with Parkinson's disease' featuring man standing behind a woman helping her pour coffee

Is it possible to communicate the daily challenges of living with Parkinson’s? A short video from organisation France Parkinson explores moments with the condition through the powerful medium of modern dance

Could modern dance help to communicate what it’s like to live with Parkinson’s? A video created by France Parkinson, a support association for people with the condition, uses the art form to explore the condition’s impact.

Created in partnership with advertising agency TBWA\Paris and video producer Badass Films, the one-minute sequence ‘Living with Parkinson’s disease’ features choreography by Alejandra Capello set to the rhythm of La Chica’s ‘Oasis’.

Its aim? To highlight the potential frustrations of living with Parkinson’s – and raise awareness of the condition and the difficulties it may present in daily life.


In the dance sequence, a woman attempts to carry out everyday tasks – such as pouring a kettle, applying lipstick and putting on her coat – while she grapples with an increasingly aggressive male figure representing Parkinson’s.

In this way, the video aims to highlight the full and varied range of challenges that can accompany Parkinson’s – including slowness of movement, muscle stiffness, sleep disorders, and difficulty with speaking, concentrating and writing – through dance.

The video aims to highlight the variety of challenges that can come from living with Parkinson’s.

Does ‘Living with Parkinson’s disease’ resonate with your experience of the condition? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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