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Author: Parkinson's Life editorsPublished: 19 May 2016

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Imagine if you had an extra hour for doing good. A new video project shows Parkinson’s community what can be achieved in just one hour more

What could you achieve if you had one hour more each day? If you’re living with Parkinson’s an extra hour of ‘on time’ could really improve your quality of life.

A new series of 12 short illustration videos shows what you can do to during your ‘on time’ to help specific aspects of living with Parkinson’s. The videos, developed as part of ‘1 hour more’, are released on the project’s Facebook page every two weeks and aim to offer both emotional and practical support.

Matteo Brambilla, ‘1 hour more’ project manager, said: “Parkinson’s stories can and should be engaging: if a picture is ‘worth a thousand words’ then a moving image can be even more thrilling, and can help cultivate and increase awareness of Parkinson’s”.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

The first in the series is titled ‘companionship’. The key message of the video is that spending time with good friends can positively affect your mindset.

Maintaining a routine inspires new adventures

The second video focuses on the importance of regular sleeping cycles and medication routines. The ‘1 hour more’ Facebook posts accompanying this video offer tips such as: “Keep an eye on times so that the pills work as efficiently as possible, allowing you to manage your schedule in a calm, stress-free and optimal way.”

Joining a choir can strengthen your voice

Living with Parkinson’s can affect your voice, which can sometimes make communication challenging. The third video in this series gives some tips on activities to improve the strength of your voice.

About ‘1 hour more’

The ‘1 hour more’ project invites people with Parkinson’s to submit their personal stories, which are published on a bespoke digital platform. The stories in the collection focus on the value of ‘time’ for all people within Parkinson’s community and aim to raise public awareness of the condition. The project launched a series of video animations to inspire people with Parkinson’s to lead a full life.

To view the project so far visit the ‘1 hour more’ website

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