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Author: Sarah McGrathPublished: 9 February 2023

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Do you have romance in your life? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, listen to our podcast episode about managing love, relationships and breakups while living with Parkinson’s

Whether you’re happily single, in a relationship or somewhere in between – there’s something for everyone in our episode on ‘Love, sex and Parkinson’s’.

Hear what US-based writer Heather Kennedy and Canadian musician Robbie Tucker have to say about dating new people, approaching intimacy – and their experiences managing committed relationships since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Robbie, who has struggled at times to balance relationships with his condition, says: “Parkinson’s is like dating two people, if you’re with somebody. Parkinson’s needs your time. It needs your efforts. It wants what it wants, and it takes what it needs.”

While Heather agrees, sharing how Parkinson’s played a partial role in the end of her marriage, she believes in keeping an open mind to new relationships. “Don’t forget to let love surprise you,” she says. “I believe that we can be better and healthier when we feel loved.”

Ultimately, she says: “Love really is a transformative experience.”

This article was originally published in February 2021.

To hear more from our guests Robbie and Heather about the impact of Parkinson’s disease on relationships, intimacy and their approach to dating, listen to our podcast episode on ‘Love, sex and Parkinson’s’. Does their discussion resonate with your experience? Let us know in the comments.

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