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Author: Sarah McGrathPublished: 26 January 2023

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A composite image featuring three interpretations of the Spark logo

Are you ready to get creative for Parkinson’s awareness? This month, the Crazy Spark Art Challenge invites members of the community to share their artistic interpretations of a global Parkinson’s logo

Last year, ‘The Spark’ was introduced as a new, universal logo designed to raise global Parkinson’s awareness. Now, an advocacy group in Germany has invited people living with the condition to share their creative interpretations of the symbol.

Earlier this month, PD Avengers Deutschland (Germany) launched the ‘Crazy Spark Art Challenge’. The initiative encourages people living with the condition to create their own artwork using the Spark logo and share it across their social media channels.

“The aim was to make the Spark more known within the Parkinson’s community and to reach out to the rest of the world,” says Nina Juncker, one of the PD Avengers Deutschland members behind the project. “By creating their own personal artwork, people living with the condition can connect to the symbol more easily.”

An interpretation of the Spark logo

For Nina, the Crazy Spark Art Challenge highlights the importance of uniting members of the global Parkinson’s community.

“Art can be a method of connection,” she says. “An awareness campaign like this helps people have fun and educate themselves while also bringing them together with others. It helps people become part of something bigger.”

An interpretation of the Spark logo

It’s hoped that the project will help raise awareness of the condition.

It is hoped that the Parkinson’s community’s involvement in the campaign will also encourage others to take notice. As Nina notes: “Parkinson’s and its challenges are widely unknown to the public. We have to raise more awareness of the condition, so we can connect with others and have a louder voice.”

An interpretation of the Spark logo

An interpretation of the Spark logo.

Image credits: All images supplied by PD Avengers Deutschland.

Want to participate in the Crazy Spark Art Challenge?

To get involved, share any artistic interpretation of the Spark logo on social media using the hashtags #sparkartchallege and #potzblitz2023. Print a template of the logo on the PD Avengers Deutschland website, or download a digital version.

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