Survey highlights seven walking strategies for Parkinson’s disease


Author: Saskia MairPublished: 16 September 2021

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Senior woman with walking stick being helped by a clinician.

Did you know there are strategies designed to help people with Parkinson’s cope with walking difficulties?

A survey from researchers at Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands, suggests that many people with the condition might not be aware of seven key strategies – which include internal and external cueing, visualising movement and practising relaxation techniques.

Of the 4,324 people surveyed, 17% hadn’t heard of any of the strategies listed, while 23% of participants had never tried them. The study also offered insights into how well the techniques worked in different contexts. For example, participants found visualising movement more effective when walking outdoors than when walking in a smaller space.

“We found that people are rarely educated about all the different compensation strategies,” explained study author Anouk Tosserams. “When they are, people often find strategies that work better for them and their unique circumstances.”

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