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Author: Johanna Stiefler JohnsonPublished: 4 February 2021

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Do you have a DBS implant to treat Parkinson’s disease? A new survey by Belgian research company SUAZIO aims to understand the maintenance challenges of the therapy

SUAZIO is inviting people with Parkinson’s disease who have undergone deep brain stimulation (DBS) – a therapy which uses a small device to send electronic impulses to specific regions of the brain – to share their experiences in a new survey.

The survey aims to understand the potential maintenance challenges related to rechargeable DBS systems – focusing primarily on how participants interact daily with the implant and handle the upkeep required for rechargeable batteries. The survey will also explore participants’ levels of involvement in decision-making processes when choosing an implant.

Rémy Blain-Descormiers, project manager at SUAZIO, said: “It is very important to speak to the users – to not only discuss parameters and technicalities with physicians, but to understand how people with Parkinson’s disease feel about their implant, how they handle it every day and what burden it might represent. It is essential that we hear from them more than anybody else.

“We hope to understand how patients feel about having to recharge their device on a frequent basis – if it is something that they are happy about or not. And if not, if they are considering another treatment strategy that would fit better with their lifestyle and expectations.”

SUAZIO hopes this research will assist in “developing and promoting solutions that will be more tailored to patients’ needs in the future”.

The researchers are looking for participants from the UK, France, Germany and Spain, who have received a DBS implant in the last five years. The survey will be carried out via 30-minute telephone conversations, will offer compensation of €/£75 and is open until 26 February 2021 or until the quota is filled.

Find out more about taking part here: info@suazio.com. When emailing, include ‘1180 – DBS patient maintenance burden’ in the subject line.

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