Parkinson’s in the news: March

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Author: Simge Eva DoganPublished: 28 March 2019

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Parkinson's in the news

From a ‘super-smeller’ diagnosis test to a woman-focused research agenda, we look at some of the most significant Parkinson’s news stories from across the globe in March 2019

‘Super-smeller’ helps develop swab test for Parkinson’s disease

Scientists in the UK have teamed up with Joy Milne – a former nurse who can smell Parkinson’s in people before they have symptoms – to create a diagnosis test based on the distinctive scent of the condition. More than 1,000 people with and without Parkinson’s will take part in a study to assess the reliability of the smell test.

Will genetics unlock a new treatment for Parkinson’s?

Global healthcare company GSK has invested US $300 million in equities for a study dedicated to finding a new approach to treating Parkinson’s. As part of the study, where they teamed up with US biotechnology company 23andMe, researchers will recruit people with LRRK2 mutations – a common genetic cause of Parkinson’s.

Matt Nelson, head of genetics at GSK, said: “We can all be excited about the tremendous new insights genetics is providing into what causes disease in humans.”

Parkinson’s UK and Sport England launch Parkinson’s Power 

Parkinson’s UK has teamed up with UK public body Sport England to launch Parkinson’s Power, an initiative dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s lead an active lifestyle. The pilot programme will launch in the north east of England before replicating its successes across the country.

Parkinson’s Foundation identifies first woman-focused Parkinson’s research agenda

The Parkinson’s Foundation, US, is leading the first national research agenda focused on women with Parkinson’s – after several studies have concluded that the condition can differ between sexes. The agenda addresses nine priority areas for women’s research and suggests how Parkinson’s studies can implement solutions.

Irish drug that cures Parkinson’s in mice gets Michael J Fox backing

The Michael J Fox Foundation has awarded US $1 million in funding to Inflazome – an Irish start-up which has developed a drug that can cure Parkinson’s in mice. The drug targets the NLRP3 gene which is believed to be linked to neuroinflammation in Parkinson’s. The company plans to use the funding to further its research and begin human trials in November.

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