From dawn to dusk: 7 daily tools for people with Parkinson’s disease

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Author: Sarah McGrathPublished: 13 April 2023

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Keen to make everyday tasks a little easier? We round up several items that may help to improve accessibility and comfort among people with Parkinson’s, from the moment they wake up to bedtime

Getting ready to start the day

  1. Magnetic fasteners

Parkinson’s symptoms such as tremor and dyskinesia can make getting dressed in the mornings more challenging. Utilising magnetic buttons could help to speed up this process – and eliminate some of the hassle.

Morning wake-me-up

  1. Two-handed mug

Built to make drinking easier and to keep spills to a minimum, dual-handed mugs often have large handles designed to support a tighter grip – and a weighted base that can help with hand tremor.

Going about your day

  1. Portable voice amplifier

Parkinson’s can impact speech in various ways. For those struggling to make themselves heard, a portable voice amplifying device can help to increase speaking volume and improve understanding.

Coming home

  1. Key turners

Have you ever struggled with small, fiddly keys? Key turners, which are ideal for people who experience challenges with dexterity, can make keys easier to hold and rotate – reducing the effort needed to return home after a long day.

Tucking into a meal

  1. Insulated dishes

Keep your dinner plate stable and your food hot with insulated dishes. Maintaining a meal’s ideal temperature can enable people with the condition to take their time eating, without worrying about their food getting cold.

Winding down  

  1. Toe stretchers

Designed to soothe the entire foot, toe stretchers may benefit people who experience cramping. The tool works to relax the muscles and improve circulation – giving ‘putting your feet up at the end of the day’ a whole new meaning.

Heading off to bed

  1. Night light

If you’re prone to waking up in the night, consider installing a night light. Using a softer glow to illuminate the path to the bathroom may help to improve your sleep overall – and ensure you get the rest you need before a new day.

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