Five more apps for people with Parkinson’s

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Author: Sarah McGrathPublished: 11 November 2021

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From helping to improve sleep quality, to analysing gait and tremor – here are five more apps that may benefit people with Parkinson’s

1. Charity Miles (iOS, Android)

Created to help people “get fit and make an impact”, this app enables donations to be made to charities based on logged exercises – including walking, cycling, dancing and other forms of movement.

With more than 50 organisations to choose from, among them Parkinson’s research charity the Michael J Fox Foundation, users can support a charity of their choice while working on their fitness – and potentially finding the encouragement and motivation needed to keep moving.

Price: Free2. StrivePD (iOS)

“Designed and tested by people with Parkinson’s”, StrivePD aims to support those with the condition to live their best life – and optimise their care.

From scheduling medication, tracking moods, monitoring symptoms and setting future goals, the app aims to help people to take control of their care and offers tools for improving wellbeing.

Price: Free

3. Swallow Prompt (iOS, Android)

An often-neglected symptom of Parkinson’s, drooling may be more common than previously thought – which could make Swallow Prompt a useful app for people living with the condition.

Through scheduled reminders, the app supports people who have difficulty managing their saliva due to reduced sensation. Swallow Prompt can be programmed to vibrate or beep at certain intervals, reminding users when to swallow.

Price: £0.89 on iOS, £0.99 on Android4. Patana AI (iOS, Android)

This movement-analysis app can be used to record a person’s posture, gait and presence of tremors, and could help determine if they are showing signs of Parkinson’s.

By collecting this data through the app, healthcare professionals can monitor trends in patients’ movements over time, potentially detect Parkinson’s symptoms early and – with additional medical tests and assessments – make informed decisions about their care.

Price: Free

5. Pzizz (iOS, Android)

Up to 90% of people living with Parkinson’s experience sleep problems, and Pzizz is an app designed to help users achieve higher quality shut-eye.

With a “sleep-optimised” combination of music, voiceover and sound effects creating auditory “dreamscapes” to play at bedtime, the app aims to help users fall asleep, rest through the night and wake up feeling energised.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

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