5 Christmas gifts for people with Parkinson’s

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Author: Simge Eva DoganPublished: 10 December 2020

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Christmas gifts for people with Parkinson's

As Christmas fast approaches, our readers recommend the perfect gifts for someone living with Parkinson’s


1. A sparkling diamante walking stick – Julie Walker, Writer

“Last year, increasing balance issues had been sapping my confidence. I was emotional when I purchased a walking stick, to me this was an admission of a disability. 

Today, I rely on my walking stick and take it everywhere. I have put a positive spin on it and call it an accessory, I think of it much like a handbag.

I wouldn’t carry a regulation grey handbag around, I have several colours for different occasions and the same applies to my walking stick. My current favourite is my diamante sparkling walking stick.

For me personally, the diamante walking stick looks good, stops me falling over and gives me confidence. A great gift for someone who has difficulty moving.”

2. Friendship, support and love – Robin Buttery, Parkinson’s campaigner

“I believe the greatest gifts are friendship, support and love. None of these have financial implications, they do not require fancy wrapping or embellishment, but they are all worth their weight in gold. True friendship does not come cheap, but this gift is priceless and should never be underestimated.

My gift this Christmas is to strive to be a better person and friend, and show greater kindness, compassion and caring to all. With the hope that this action may cause a small ripple that slowly becomes amplified as it bounces and reverberates back from whomever it touches.”

3. A spa day – Laura Hanf, Radio Parkies DJ

“I believe that perfect gifts for a person with Parkinson’s are a massage and spa day. A therapeutic massage is very good for tired rigid muscles. One could also have a manicure, a pedicure and their hair styled.

This is very beneficial for a person with Parkinson’s because it’s a nice few hours to relax, enjoy some quiet time and be pampered. It’s also an opportunity to spend a day away from thinking about Parkinson’s.”

4. ‘Goodbye Parkinson’s, Hello Life’, by Alex Kerten – Elisabeth Ildal, Danish politician

“This book has taught me to establish new habits through movement, rhythm, expression and energy. I’m so inspired by this book that I’m organising an event about it in Copenhagen, Denmark, next year. My hope is that the world can be introduced to this remarkable piece of work.”

5. Resilience, courage, and energy – Maura Ward, Parkinson’s campaigner

“Matching the person with the gift can be so difficult. When the recipient lives with a chronic medical condition, it can often feel like there’s more pressure to get it right! So what would a person who lives with Parkinson’s like to receive as a gift? The short answer is that most people with Parkinson’s just want to be treated like everyone else.

However, if I had access to infinite resources, my choice of gifts for those with Parkinson’s would be, firstly, resilience, so as to come to terms with the diagnosis and deal with the day to day issues. Secondly, I would like to give all people with Parkinson’s the energy needed to do the things they want to do. And lastly, I would give them the courage they need to face the condition and keep fighting every step of the way.”

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