28 daily prompts to help you “live well” with Parkinson’s disease

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Author: Johanna Stiefler JohnsonPublished: 20 January 2022

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Sunday: play a game with a loved one. Tuesday: exercise with a friend. Thursday: work on a puzzle. These are just some of the activities suggested in the Davis Phinney Foundation’s 2022 ‘living well’ calendar – which aims to help people “live better with Parkinson’s today and every day”

“New year, new goals!” wrote the team at the Davis Phinney Foundation, launching their new ‘living well’ calendar for 2022.

Designed to help people “take action each day to live well with Parkinson’s”, the calendar suggests daily activities that may benefit those with the condition – with prompts to “keep you moving, eating well, staying connected, staying educated and more”.

While some activities may help to boost physical health, such as a variety of exercises involving balance or aerobics, others are designed to support mental health – from getting outdoors, to practicing meditation, to completing gratitude prompts.

The resource is free to download on the Davis Phinney Foundation website.

You can also personalise your approach to the calendar, to suit your needs. “Use this calendar however it works for you,” the Davis Phinney Foundation team wrote. “You may take one action each day for a month and then repeat. You may do all 28 in one week and nothing the next. Or maybe, you’ll throw a dart at it each day and do whatever the square tells you to do.

“Have fun with it. Invite a friend to join you. Live better with Parkinson’s today and every day.”

You can download the calendar on the Davis Phinney Foundation website.

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