12 Parkinson’s Life highlights from 2016


Author: Parkinson's Life editorsPublished: 29 December 2016

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For the international Parkinson’s community, 2016 was a year of record-breaking fundraising events, inspiring individual achievements and major medical breakthroughs. Here are the highlights, as reported by Parkinson’s Life

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Are we too focused on the search for a Parkinson’s cure?

We spoke to Parkinson’s experts on each side of this controversial debate to give us their views on whether there is too much emphasis on finding the elusive cure for Parkinson’s disease.


Astronaut in space tweets praise to the delight of Parkinson’s painter

British astronaut Tim Peake, who lived on-board the International Space Station (ISS) for six months during 2016, praised Walter Reynecke’s painting of the ISS, after it caught his eye on twitter.

Tim Peake Walter Reynecke

Meet the neurologist who unearthed ‘lost’ 1963 video of first Parkinson’s treatments

Video footage of the first Parkinson’s treatments was rediscovered by Marcelo Miranda, a researcher at Clinica Las Condes in Santiago, Chile and uploaded to YouTube.

Dr George Cotzias

“We want the world to walk with us,” says Parkinson’s Unity Walk leader

An exclusive interview with Carol Walton, CEO of the New York City Unity Walk, ahead of the 22nd annual walk.

Carol Walton lead

Michael J Fox wins apology from magazine over “disturbing” claims about his Parkinson’s

US-based magazine ‘Globe’ wrote of Michael J Fox in its April edition: “With the tremors increasing, his bones buckling and facing possible dementia and Alzheimer’s… [Fox] realises his future is bleak”. After complaints from many, including Fox himself, the magazine issued an official apology.

MJ Fox

How the world reacted to the death of Muhammad Ali

A round-up of the tributes that came pouring out from around the world, recognising his extensive contribution to Parkinson’s advocacy, humanity and religion.

Muhammad Ali lead

3 incredible walking inventions that Parkinson’s patients need to know about

Three new inventions that can help prevent freezing and have the potential to change lives:
– laser-guided shoes
– staircase illusion floor mat
– vibrating walking stick

Neha Shahid Chaudhry

My life at university with Parkinson’s disease

Speaking just days after his graduation ceremony, Jordan Webb, 21, opens up about the lack of Parkinson’s support groups for young patients like himself, handling shaky social situations and dedicating his final year project to improving the lives of Parkinson’s patients.

Jordan Webb lead

5 inspirational moments from the World Parkinson Congress 2016

More than 4,600 people from 67 different countries came together for the biggest event in Parkinson’s calendar.

WPC highlights lead

Parkinson’s Life wins British Medical Association Patient Information Award 2016

After launching in April 2015, Parkinson’s Life magazine received its first patient information award, after being recognised by the British Medical Association as “a well-designed resource”.


Pioneering ParkinsonNet programme launches in Norway

The successful Dutch healthcare programme announces new networks in Norway following its launch in to California earlier this year.


“I can draw again” – how a smart watch helped a graphic designer overcome her Parkinson’s tremor.

A television documentary shows how an innovator created a vibrating wristwatch to reduce Parkinson’s tremors of a graphic designer.


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