8 smart Parkinson’s apps you need to try


Author: Geoffrey ChangPublished: 14 April 2015

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Downloadable applications or ‘apps’  for your smartphone can monitor chronic conditions like Parkinson’s and are readily available, often for free or a minimal one-off cost. Here we look at some of the most popular apps – in no particular order – for people with Parkinson’s (PwPs) based on user ratings and reviews. If you’ve tried these or others, please share your experiences by posting a comment below

1. Parkinson mPower app (iOS devices only)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 14.09.57

Using the iPhone’s sensors to measure and track patients’ symptoms, including tremor, balance and gait, the app tracks and stores this information via specially designed activities. Memory game, finger tapping, speaking and walking are some of the ways data is gathered. Read more about it here.

Price: FREE

2. Parkinson’s Central (iOS/Android)

This app from the National Parkinson Foundation provides in-depth information on Parkinson’s, treatment and living with the disease – it aims to empower PwPs and those who care for them.

Price: FREE

3. Lift Pulse (iOS/Android)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 20.35.03

Identifies, records and calculates the magnitude of a person’s hand tremor using the phone’s built-in sensors and cutting-edge algorithms. Designed as a useful research tool, but of interest to PwPs and their families too.

Price: FREE

4. Parkinson Home Exercises (iOS/Android)

A video app that demonstrates over 50 Parkinson’s-friendly exercises and covers a wide range of movement topics like walking, posture, balance and flexibility.

Price: £1.71/£3.99

5. DAF Professional (iOS/Android)

An easy-to-use professional speech therapy app developed to help people who stammer as a result of Parkinson’s. It helps to slow their rate of speech so that it sounds clearer to others.

Price: £1.99/£7.99

6. Parkinson’s Toolkit (iOS/Android)

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 20.49.10

A clinical practice guide for treating Parkinson’s. Provides a good summary of the disease covering issues such as planning, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Price: FREE

7. Parkinson’s EasyCall (iOS and Android)

Introduced by Parkinson’s UK, the app makes it easy to make calls on fiddly touch screens for people with dexterity issues. With a simple and easy interface, you can create contact buttons on speed dial and cut out unnecessary hassle.

Price: FREE

8. myHealthPal (iOS devices only)


The app, endorsed by Parkinson’s Europe, allows people to manage and track their chronic health conditions, and even though the founder is a PwP himself, its use is not limited to Parkinson’s.

Price: FREE

Download any of the apps from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) depending on what smartphone you own. If you have any suggestions or feedback on these or any other Parkinson’s apps that you have found useful we would love to hear from you, get in touch at: editor@parkinsonslife.eu

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